Showcase Information

Things you should know before performing at The Juggling Gypsy Cafe:
>Are you a professional or a student?
>Make sure you are appropriately attired (no plain bras, gym pants, yoga pants, etc.).
>Register and upload your song in .mp3 format at least 12 days prior to the show date.
>Arrive at the Juggling Gypsy no later than 15 minutes before show time, performance ready.
>Information on tips/door money.
Goals of the ShowcaseBack to Top

Our ambition is to create an amazing show each month that will generate large crowds to support what we all love to do. Since the showcase encompasses many skill levels and dance styles, we have two distinct dance sets. The first dance set will be a student or non-professional dance set. This will allow students or new dancers to get introduced to dancing in a professional setting. This dance set will be first in the show line-up. The second dance set will be a professional dance set. This will comprise the remainder of the show. We did not want to lose sight of the original idea of the Cafe being a place where students can perform, thus having a student dance set will still allow this growth potential for them. Creating a separate professional dance set will allow professionals and teachers to demonstrate their abilities and also help create business opportunities.

RegisteringBack to Top

To be able to sign up for the lottery for a showcase, you first must be registered in our system. Please email the following information to

We will determine which dance set you will perform in. You may need to perform at a showcase as a student/enthusiast until we can make a determination.

What is a Professional Belly Dancer?Back to Top

We realize that there are a lot of criteria that determine whether someone is a professional belly dancer and not everyone will agree what those criteria are and if someone meets those criteria. However, here are a few that we consider to be necessary to be classified as a professional:

If you are a teacher or professional that also dances with a troupe or group that has several members that are students or non-professionals, please classify the group as a student/enthusiast. You can classify yourself as a professional when you are doing a solo or dancing with a mostly professional group.

Showcase ExpectationsBack to Top

Here are a few things that are expected of the performers before and during a showcase:

Monies EarnedBack to Top

The showcase usually generates door money and tip money. Keeping with belly dance standards and ethics, we are going to distribute any earnings from the door money evenly among the professional belly dance acts, musicians and DJ. We will distribute any earnings from the tip money evenly among all of the acts, musicians and DJ. Although, students are usually not paid, we feel that tip money is not considered payment but a show of gratitude from the audience for the entire performance and thus should be divided evenly by the entire show. Please remember, the performances at the café are not for profit but for the thrill and experience of performing your creative endeavors. There is no guarantee of payment at any showcase.